The "desired-into" and "gelatinity" explored during the kickoff of our open-work weekend sessions.

017 — Week one of our summer intensive. B2B market research for artists who want to financially stabilize their studio practice. But, like, as a party.

DISPASSION is a newsletter about art, digital media, and emotional detachment produced by ‌NOR RESEARCH STUDIO.

Artist-curator-gallerist couple Matt Morris and Eric Ruschman discuss their commitment to artist-run exhibition spaces with participants during NOR Research Studio's first summer intensive. August 22, 2023. 



TOMORROW, AUGUST 26, 2023. 2PM ET / 1PM ET / 11AM PT

via Zoom. bring your own coffee and snacks
leave us on in the background. drop ins welcome


YOU'RE INVITED TO NOR RESEARCH STUDIO'S FIRST OPEN-JAM SESSION, a casual Zoom affair where attendees can work on their creative portfolio sites as a group or listen in on the discussion.

The studio will also provide updates about its current summer intensive, IS MY BODY MEANT TO BE READ?: Questioning the Studio Practice in the Post-Institutional Era, where artists from Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Tucson, Maui, and Washington, DC have gathered to conduct research on portfolio websites.

Using findings gathered during the research sprint, the studio will answer questions about creative portfolios, review case study examples, and provide feedback on in-progress sites. Studio director Wyatt Coday will share the dummy portfolio they've developed to model principles from the session, explaining the reasoning behind its features and design, and introduce two psychoanalytic concepts, "the desire-into" and "gelatinity," from their research performance project, Blouse.


Screengrab from the interactive dummy portfolio website research director Wyatt Coday will continue to develop over the course of the intensive.

Working artists, musicians, writers, researchers, performance artists, and digital media workers are encouraged to join. Feel free to invite friends.

DM (@nor_research_studio) or email ( if you need more information.

WYATT CODAY is intersex and autistic. She lives in Los Angeles, where she directs NOR Research Studio.

CATURDAY WITH NOR RESEARCH STUDIO is an open-work session and casual lecture series for and by cat-worshipping artists.

NOR RESEARCH STUDIO is a design research studio that develops didactic media, exhibitions, publications, and other forms of intellectual property for artists, nonprofits, and creative businesses.


If youre an artist or creative trying to stabilize your practice, we want to work with you. Schedule a free 15-minute consultation here. You can also fill out this intake form, which makes for a great self-reflexive diagnostic tool. Feel free to drop us a line at if you want to trade notes.